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Lehigh Congratulates Its Newest Retirees

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Congratulations and best wishes to all of Lehigh University's 2010-2011 Retirees.

David Altemus
ATLSS Engineering Research Center
After 11 years of service to Lehigh, David Altemus has retired from his position as an ATLSS engineering technician. Dave’s colleagues will miss his experience and knowledge. His ability to think through and solve problems frequently impressed faculty, who recall that they once spent  two hours working through a structurally safe way to move a critical component into place only to find that Dave had reached the same conclusion in just a few minutes. Dave’s retirement plans include trips to Texas to spend time with his grandson, more frequent rounds of golf, and hunting.

Glenn Blank
Computer Science and Engineering

Glenn Blank earned his doctorate in Cognitive Science and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his M.A. in English from the University of Michigan, and his B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University. He joined the Lehigh faculty as an assistant professor in 1984. During his career, he has authored or co-authored several books and published his work in numerous journals including Metaphor, Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery and Applied Intelligence; has presented at conferences around the world; and has been awarded multiple grants. Blank’s research interests include natural language processing, intelligent tutoring systems, multimedia e-learning and computer science education.  He is retiring to pursue ministry as the Messianic Rabbi of Beit Simcha and Literary Editor of the Tree of Life Bible.

Susan Cady
Administration and Planning
Sue Cady retired after 29 years of service to Lehigh. She was appointed Assistant Director for Library Technical Services in 1981. In 1996, Sue was named Director of Administrative, Planning and Advancement Services, the position from which she retired. During her time at Lehigh, Sue earned two degrees – a Masters in Public Administration in 1981 and a PhD in History in 1994. According to her colleagues in LTS, “Sue’s legacy is large, but what she will be most remembered for is her determination not only to restore the beauty of Linderman Library, but also to enhance its functionality as a center for scholarly endeavors.” These days, Sue is getting settled into her new home in Denver, Colorado and enjoying spending time in the garden and with her extended family.

Joseph Cheszar
ATLSS Engineering Research Center

Joseph Cheszar recently retired after 10 years of service as an engineering technician in the ATLSS Engineering Research Center. Joe’s supervisor, Chad Kusko, writes: Engineering technicians at ATLSS are required to interact regularly with faculty and staff researchers and students in order to discuss progress on ongoing ATLSS laboratory projects.  Joe was very accessible in this regard and his input was very well respected. Joe was an excellent welder and ATLSS relied heavily on his ability to assist technically with the fabrication of large scale test specimens and fixtures within our laboratory. Beyond the technical aspects, Joe had a great sense of humor and was always keeping the atmosphere light in the laboratory. He developed a great rapport with the students. Joe’s presence at ATLSS is missed. Since retiring, Joe is busy catching up on projects around the house.

R. Kirkwood Colton
Development Office

R. Kirkwood Colton, or Kirk, retired from his position as Leadership Gifts Officer after 22 years of service. Kirk is recognized as one of the leading experts in parent fundraising programs in the higher education field and was a sought after speaker and presenter on this subject. In 1989, Kirk was recruited to develop a Parents' Committee at Lehigh University - a post he continued to hold until his retirement. Kirk held a number of leadership roles and responsibilities at Lehigh and in 2004 received the Lehigh University Tradition of Excellence Award. Colton has been and is active in a variety of civic and community organizations: Children’s Home of Easton, Easton Catholic Elementary School Board, Vice President of the Tau Chapter (Lafayette College) of Zeta Psi Fraternity, Knights of Columbus, and the National Parents’ Fund Raising Conference Executive Committee. During retirement, Kirk will be pursuing personal interests and spending time with his family.

Bruce Correll
's Office
Bruce Correll has retired as Lehigh’s Registrar after a 22-year career in that position. Bruce’s enthusiasm and energy toward serving students was well-known. And he was always conscious of his office’s impact on students and their progress towards their degree. In fact, colleagues recall an instance where Bruce’s dedication resolved an issue for a dual major alumna from the class of 1959. Bruce was able to print a business degree for the alumna, which President Gast hand delivered, albeit 50 years late! These days, Bruce is enjoying spending more time with his grandchildren, on the golf course, and reading.

Terry Delph
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Terry Delph earned his doctorate in Applied Mechanics from Stanford University, his Ae.E. and M.A. in Aeronautics from the California Technical Institute, and his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Technical Institute. Before coming to Lehigh in 1971, he served as a research staff member at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and as an instructor at the Department of Aeronautics at the Naval Postgraduate School. Terry has published articles in numerous journals including Arch. Mech., Int. J. Solids & Structures, and J. Appl. Mech. He has presented at conferences across the globe and has received multiple grants. His research focuses on the mechanics of solids with emphasis upon the behavior of solids at elevated temperatures and the mechanisms of material failure at high temperatures.

Ian Duffy

Ian Duffy earned his doctorate, M. A., and B.A. from Oxford University. He taught courses at the U.S. International University (London campus) for several years before joining the Lehigh faculty in 1975. Ian has published multiple articles in journals such as The Eighteenth Century, Journal of Economic History, and American Journal of Legal History.  In addition to his teaching and research, he served as the director of the Eckardt Scholars Program and the Office of Fellowship Advising for many years.

Joan Fox
Enterprise Systems Center

Joan retired as coordinator in the Enterprise Systems Center after 23 years of service to Lehigh. She will be remembered in the center for always treating everyone courteously and with respect. As financial coordinator, she always worked hard to master any new system. Joan has a great sense of humor; her laugh came easily and was infectious in the office. Her colleagues note that work at the research center has its emotional ups and downs, but Joan’s great and positive attitude toward life helped enormously to keep spirits high. In retirement, Joan is looking forward to sewing for her grandchildren, traveling, gardening, and learning to translate German script.

J. Bruce Gardiner

Bruce Gardiner retired from his position as Director of Admissions after a nearly 39-year career at the university. In addition to his service in Admissions, Bruce also worked in the Registrar’s Office and was Lehigh’s head swimming coach. Bruce’s coaching experience carried over to his Admissions role. He was able to coax even the shyest student into lively conversation, once even composing a silly limerick to break the ice. In his colleague’s words, Bruce “has the gift that allows him to bring out in others, what they do not see in themselves.” A golfing  fanatic, Bruce will likely be found on the links in his retirement years, or enjoying travel with his wife Kathy.

Kathleen Haas
Kathleen retired after serving 21 years in the Lehigh Development Office, most recently as Coordinator for the Lehigh Fund.  She volunteered for many events/activities for her department such as Founder’s Day, Commencement, Reunion, Zoellner Gala, Scholarship Dinner.  Colleagues could count on Kathy to lend a helping hand. Kathy is very passionate about Lehigh.  Her husband has a graduate degree from Lehigh and two of her three children and her son-in-law graduated from Lehigh.  Kathy and Rick can be found at every football and basketball game cheering on the Mountain Hawks.  In retirement, Kathy is enjoying spending time with her husband, Rick; her three children; and her five grandchildren. 

Elaine Haug
Mailing Services

Elaine Haug, better known as Liz, a mail courier in Mailing Services, has retired from a 22-year career at Lehigh that also included service in Property Management. Elaine’s retirement plans include traveling and hiking with her husband, enjoying spending time with her new grandchild, and caring for her mother and aunt. Elaine’s supervisor, Glenn Strause wrote: She was very dedicated to providing top quality service to the departments and customers she served. Always consistent, timely, and predictable. We’ll all miss her special greeting after returning to the mail room after each run. “Mail Girls!”

Maria Hernandez
Residential Services

Maria Hernandez has retired from her position as Coordinator in Residential Services after 28 years of service.  Maria was a very active member of the Lehigh Community, including service through the United Way Campaign, the President’s Minority Commission, facilitating diversity workshops ,  Child Care Advisory Board, Holiday Party Planning Committee, and Graduate Student Council. Maria always made the international residents of Saucon Village and their families feel welcome.  Her office shelves were filled with small gifts from around the world, tokens of her resident’s appreciation. Maria and her husband Sam are building a new home in Florida where they will relocate to start a new phase of their lives with family and friends.

Ruth Kneller
Chemical Engineering

Ruth Kneller has retired from her position as Coordinator after 27 years of service.  Ruth began her employment at Lehigh as a Secretary in the Graduate School. She moved to Chemical Engineering in 1997. Ruth especially enjoyed working with the undergraduates in the chemical engineering program. She was the person to go to for any needed information on their audit forms and for just good, reliable advice. Ruth was also extremely efficient in maintaining student and faculty course records and organizing seminar visits. She was a valued member of the staff and is missed. During her retirement, she will be traveling and enjoying herself.

Eugene Kozma
Center for Advanced Material and Nanotechnology

After 42 years of service to Lehigh, Eugene Kozma retired from the Center for Advanced Material and Nanotechnology this year. Gene loved to work with the students and post-docs, sharing his vast experience and know-how with them.  The students had a fair share of disasters in the lab over the years (furnace melt downs, for example) and Gene was always a true savior in picking up the pieces (sometimes literally!). He was a behind-the-scenes unsung hero. Gene’s extraordinary technical skills and sense of humor will be missed at the center. His retirement plans include enjoying more time with his family and in his garden.

James Largay

James Largay joined Lehigh in 1980 as professor of accounting, having previously taught at Rice, Georgia Tech and Dartmouth. He earned his doctorate at Cornell University. Later he was a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, NYU, and Arizona State University. He authored or co-authored three books, three book chapters and over forty articles in journals such as The Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, The CPA Journal, and the Journal of Political Economy. He served as editor of Accounting Horizons and held offices in Financial Executives International.  At Lehigh he received the Deming Lewis Faculty Award and the Beidleman Research Award.

Loretta Long
Risk Management

Loretta retired after a 32-year career at Lehigh that included serving in both the Human Resources and Risk Management offices. She is now enjoying time with family and friends. Loretta organized the Twenty-five Year Club and was involved in the early days of the university-wide staff picnics and holiday parties at Lehigh.  After moving to Risk Management, Loretta became the department’s first coordinator. There, she was known as “Dark Cloud,” a title bestowed on her because she had responsibility of delivering bad news concerning accidents, property damage and litigation to her supervisor.  Loretta was a dedicated worker, handling many unpopular but important tasks in a very professional manner. 

Rosemary Makosky
Distance Education

Rosemary Makosky retired as Coordinator in Distance Education after 29 years of service at Lehigh University. She also worked in the Chemistry Department from 1982 to 1992. Rosie participated as a member of ERAC and on the awards committee for the Perry and Carol Zirkel Award after winning the award in 2002. Students say: “Without Rosie’s diligence, thoroughness, and commitment to students as well as to Lehigh, I would not have been able to graduate…. Rosie is an asset to the distance education program but moreover, to Lehigh University.” “…she is the face of Lehigh…”  Rosie’s commitment to the department and exemplary work ethic has been a standard for others. Rosie has been the heart and soul of distance education since the beginning and not having her here every day will feel like there’s a void.
Rosie says that hopefully during her retirement she will be spending time with her grandchildren in Philadelphia and traveling to Colorado to see her daughter and husband. Gardening and sitting on her patio enjoying the summer is also on her agenda.

Ronald Oberdoester
LTS Technology Management

Ronald Oberdoester, Obie, has retired from his position as Network Technician after 20 years of service.  For many faculty and staff, Obie is the face of Telecommunications. He and his old white van became a familiar sight as he traveled around campus fixing and installing phones. LTS estimates that Obie has visited about 95 percent of Lehigh’s office spaces and has touched more than 10,000 phones – always with a smile, a joke, or an entertaining story. These traits won him many friends around campus, who will miss him just as keenly as his LTS colleagues. Obie will not have much opportunity to slow down during retirement. He has many interests, including his wife Carol, two grandchildren, and barns full of farm equipment and other curiosities. We will look forward to seeing him on a future episode of Antiques Roadshow (or maybe Hoarding: Buried Alive?) Best wishes to Obie, who will always be a member of the A team!

Bernadette O’Connor
Registrar’s Office

Bernadette O’Connor has retired after a 20-year career at Lehigh, most recently as coordinator in the Registrar’s office. She also worked in Development during her service. Bernadette participated in a variety of activities at Lehigh, including Day of Caring, fitness walks, yoga, and backpack donation drives. She also enjoyed crafting with colleagues. Her former co-workers will miss her sense of humor, and recall that she single-handedly managed all the registration needs of graduate students with a smile. In retirement, Bernadette will be spending more time with her grandchildren, traveling to Arizona, and working in her garden.

Diane Oechsle
Department of Marketing

After more than 40 years of service, Diane retired from her position as academic coordinator of the Department of Marketing. Diane was the first coordinator for this department, which was formed in 2005. Starting a new department presented opportunities as well as challenges and Diane worked hard to get the procedures and processes started for the new department. Prior to her role in the Department of Marketing, Diane worked in Economics and Summer Sessions. Her former colleagues note that she was highly dedicated to the university, and that she was always willing to help both students and faculty. Diane plans to spend her retirement enjoying her grandchildren, knitting, and traveling.

Jack Paul

Jack Paul earned his doctorate and M.B.A. at Lehigh University and his B.A. at Cornell University. Joining the Lehigh faculty in 1978, he has authored several books and published articles in journals such as The Accounting Review, Advances in Accounting, Accounting Horizons, and Financial Analysts Journal.  He has presented at conferences across the country and is the recipient of multiple grants. His research and teaching interests include managerial accounting and decision-making, advanced cost management, activity-based costing, management control systems, activity-based management, auditing methodology, and judgment research in auditing.

Nicklas Pontician
Printing Services

Nick Pontician retired after 10 years of service to Lehigh as a printing technician in Printing Services. Glenn Strause, his supervisor, shares the following thoughts: Nick’s consistent and steady work ethic set the pace for others; even when his work load was at its peak he never complained, just kept pressing forward until it was all done. We’ll miss his even temper, dependability, and gentle soft disposition. Nick is a true gentlemen in every sense of the word. Glenn reports that Nick’s retirement years will likely be spent enjoying his family and continuing to be active in his church. He added: As an avid and seasoned golfer, I’m sure he has plenty of time scheduled for the links in the upcoming summer months.

Clifford Queen

Clifford Queen earned his doctorate and bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Ohio State University. Before joining the Lehigh faculty in 1972, he served as an assistant professor at Ohio State University and as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Heidelberg. Clifford has published articles in journals such as Archiv Der Mathematik, Acta Arithmetica, and Journal of Number Theory and has spent the past thirty years reviving and teaching the curriculum in the Mathematics Department.   

Donna Reiss
English Department

Donna retired from the English Department, where she was Coordinator for the graduate and first-year English programs. In her 33 year career at Lehigh, she also worked in the Mechanical Engineering department.  Donna served as pitching coach for the Lehigh softball team from 1986-1991, was a member of the intramural softball league, and a contestant in Lehigh’s own Iron Chef competition. Her colleagues credit her with building a community for the department’s graduate students, including founding a newsletter for them.  Her plans for retirement include writing a book about coaching softball, starting a home baking business, painting, taking banjo lessons, and playing with her cats.

John Sale
Energy Research Center

John Sale has retired as the Manager of Research Program Development and Director of the Energy Liaison Program at the Energy Research Center (ERC). John served 16 years at ERC in that position. Edward Levy, Director of the ERC, noted that “John was a very effective representative of the Energy Research Center and the University, developing excellent working relationships with industry that resulted in the development of important research collaborations.” John won’t be slowing down too much in retirement. He’ll be using his free time to promote the sciences among young people. In addition to consulting with ERC, he’ll be volunteering at the Da Vinci Center and judging middle and high school science fairs.

Janet Tucker
Alumni Association

Janet Tucker has retired from her position as Assistant Director after more than 26 years of service.  Janet held several positions throughout her time at Lehigh and was very dedicated to the staff and alumni that she worked with during this time. She coordinated and managed the Lehigh Alumni Reunion Weekend for many years, one of the largest events held by the department. In her more recent years with the Alumni Association, she coordinated the class notes columns for the Alumni Bulletin and worked with the Senior Alumni Council. In retirement, Janet will pursue volunteer activities, travel and enjoy her retirement.

John Vegetabile
Facilities Services

John Vegetabile has retired from his position as a maintenance technician in Facilities Services. He was one of the maintenance technicians that originally worked for Ogden Allied (now ABM) and hired as Lehigh staff in 1995. John was a Lehigh employee for 29 years.  John was a quality carpenter and could do anything with wood. Some of the work he performed was fantastic. His colleagues will miss his excellent workmanship. During his retirement, John will continue to do carpentry work and spend time with his family.

Robert Yuhasz
Facilities Services

Robert Yuhasz has retired from his position as Assistant Director for Projects after 22 years of service.  Bob started out as an Assistant Director of Physical Planning in 1988 but then moved into this current position in 2002.  He provided invaluable project management skills and services on every major new facility or renovation project for the last decade.  His attention to detail and knowledge of the design and construction processes were crucial to the success of these very large and complex undertakings, and his significant contributions will truly be missed. During retirement, Bob will be pursuing some things he hasn’t had time to do while working, especially music, gardening, fresh air, and exercise. To use the metaphor from a past training session conducted by HR and given by Anne Raines at least a decade ago, Bob says, “I'm finally saving more of my daily pie for myself.”

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