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Coffeepot Chatter: Online Employment Application

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Tom: Hi Harry. I heard from a friend that the process of applying for a job has become electronic at Lehigh.

Harry: Yes, it was started very recently – only for applicants for nonexempt positions at this time.

Maria: I heard you need to create a profile.

Harry: Yes. It’s a straight forward, simple process. A profile is an applicant’s basic information – name, address, email, etc. And you can always make changes to your profile in case you change your email or move.

Tom: Anything has got to be better than manually completing an application form.

Maria: Hmm, yes. Will the electronic process be used for exempt positions – and internal applicants?

Harry: It is being used for internal applicants for nonexempt positions. We will begin using it for exempt positions sometime within the next few months. My understanding is the new electronic process will be easier and more streamlined for everyone involved.

Tom: Like speed dating.

Maria: Not a good analogy, Tom. And what do you know about speed dating?

It’s True! It’s Here!

    Lehigh University’s Human Resources Office (HR) has taken the leap into the twenty-first century by launching a totally paperless online employment application process.

    The first openings posted are nonexempt positions. You can view all of these job opportunities, sorted by category, here. In the coming weeks, exempt positions will be migrated to the site as well. Eventually, all listings, including faculty and research openings, will be on the site.

Benefits For Applicants And For Lehigh

    A team including representatives from HR, employment coordinators, and staff across Lehigh completed a rigorous RFP process to select the new system –Image Trend’s Hire Touch. Hire Touch offers a number of convenient and powerful capabilities.

    Online applicant tracking systems have numerous advantages over their paper counterparts. From the applicant’s perspective, they provide:

  • Easy completion of applications and uploading of resumes, cover letters, and CVs
  • The ability to apply for multiple openings with one application (applicants will still need to complete an application for each position, but the form will be populated with the information on the previous application)
  • Timely notification of the status of an application.

    From the point of view of hiring supervisors and HR, the online system streamlines workflow, reduces paper, and eases communications with applicants. Features of Hire Touch include:

  • Email notification to applicants throughout the process
  • Background checks (for staff positions) take place within the system
  • Easy uploading of position description information
  • Centralized CVs and other materials that can simplify committee hiring situations
  • Job Target feature that allows users (either hiring supervisors or HR staff) to select advertising sources based upon specific positions and backgrounds.

Getting started As An Applicant: As Easy As 1-2-3

1.    Create Your Applicant Profile

    As Maria notes above, the first step in using the online application system is to create an applicant profile. To do so, visit the Applicant Profile page and select the “Create An Account” button.

    Creating your profile requires a minimum amount of personal information, including email, phone, and address. You can use your Lehigh email address or another email address to set up the profile.

    You will also be asked to create a user name and a password. Once you’ve created an account, you will receive an email and then you can begin searching for positions.

2.    Search Open Positions

    Currently, there are two ways to search for positions within the new system:

  • Select the Search All Positions option in the left sidebar menu to look for jobs by keyword
  • Select the Search Positions By Category to see listings organized under headings such as Administrative/Clerical and Technical.

3.    Apply For A Job

    After reviewing openings, if you find a position for which you are qualified and that you’d like to be considered for, select the button labeled Apply For Position at the bottom of the job description. When you do so, an application is placed into your “My Applications” inbox within your profile.

    You’ll need to visit your profile page to complete the application and upload any necessary files, like resumes and cover letters.

    After submitting a completed application, you’ll receive a confirming email. The hiring process remains basically unchanged from that point forward. One benefit of the system is that you will receive more timely emails as the process moves forward, including notification if you are no longer being considered for the position or when the position has been filled.

Let Us Know What You Think

    The team that developed the online application process has been working on it for over a year. Because they’re close to the project and know its ins and outs so well, they believe it is a user-friendly system. But they want to hear from users who are encountering it for the first time.

    If you have any feedback about your experience, please share your thoughts via email to Veronica Blue (extension 85020 or or Lori Claudio (extension 83916 or

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