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May Anniversaries

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Congratulations to the following Lehigh faculty and staff as they celebrate service milestones this month.

30 years
David Keppel – LTS Technology Management
Eugene Matlock – Engineering Rsch Ctr-ATLSS
Leslie Snow – Controller’s Office

25 years
Toni Lee Febbo – Human Resources
Lois Groff – Physics

20 years
Shi-Fang Lu – Biological Sciences
Scott Miller – Facilities Services

15 years
Jill Hardy Todero – Elec and Comp Engineering
Timothy Otto – Facilities Services
Debra Hamann – Institutional Research

10 years
Tammy Shellock – International Affairs

5 years
Christina Pulley – University Police
Joel Sutherland – Department of Management
Michelle Issadore – Women’s Center
Anthony Jeffers – Center for Optical Technology
Allen Kingsbury – LTS Client Services

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