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New Hires and Transfers

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Best wishes to transferring employees and welcome aboard to the newest members of the Lehigh community.

New Hires
Sheila Alder, CAS - International Relations
Abigail Aldrich, Learning Center for Writing & Math
Mike Catalano, CBE - Marketing
Sharon Das, Development Office
Dr. Jerome Farrell, COE - Education & Human Services
David Fields, DOS - Residence Life
Mel Gallagher, CBE - Martindale Center
Dr. Vince Grassi, RCEAS - Chemical Engineering
Chris Halladay, Human Resources
Pamela Hardy, Human Resources
Samantha Kahoe, Corporate and Foundations Relations
Christopher Keturakis, RCEAS - Chemical Engineering
Menno Lauret, RCEAS - Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
Michael Moore, CAS - Wilbur Powerhouse/Design Arts
Shah Najiba, CAS - Chemistry
Michael Primrose, CAS - Physics
Ashley Ryan, LTS - Web & Mobile Services
Karen Salvemini, General Counsel's Office
Chris Schleicher, RCEAS - Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
Mohamed Soliman, RCEAS - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Douglas Sunday, Enterprise Systems Center
Anastasiya Thevenin, CAS - Chemistry
Zhiyuan Wan, RCEAS - Computer Science & Engineering
Beibei Zeng, RCEAS - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Patti Florkowski, Human Resources
Victoria Thrash, Registar

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