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If you’re an avid Spotlight reader, you know that the Employee Relations Advisory Committee, or ERAC, has a reserved space for letting the campus community know about our various events and programming.  You’ve come to know about our Knowledge @ Noon information sessions that educate the campus community about various topics.  You know that our Resources to Engage Accomplish Connect and Help, or REACH, cohorts have brought together staff members from across campus to learn and network over the past four years. 

If you’ve been at Lehigh for many years, you know that ERAC has existed since the 1970s and has undergone many transitions over the years with some very productive, successful years and some less so.  You know that ERAC meets monthly and holds elections annually to create a dynamic group dedicated to staff concerns.  You may know or have known ERAC members.  What you might not know is if you could be right for ERAC.

This month, current ERAC members share some thoughts about what it’s like to serve on this campus-wide committee.

Why bother?

Lynn Takacs, coordinator, Risk Management, ’13 – ’16 term
"I joined ERAC to engage with the Lehigh community, meet people from across campus and serve the University.  I love the new-found family I have through ERAC, and it has been interesting to learn about other departments’ viewpoints and priorities." 

Angela Scott, director, Academic Diversity & Outreach, ’14 – ’17 term
"I joined ERAC because I wanted my actions to be instrumental in positivity for all staff.  I am engaging in conversations, projects and initiatives in support of ERAC’s missions and goals.  My biggest accomplishment in my first year is developing increased professional relationships with Lehigh staff across all levels and areas.  I might not have met as many colleagues if I were not a part of ERAC.  Through these professional relationships, I have a better understanding of staff needs."

What are the challenges?

Travis Spencer, director, Lehigh Athletics Business Development, ’13 – ’16 term
"We have received such great feedback from the campus community, but it’s impossible for ERAC to accomplish it all. Because of the excitement of so many possibilities, the challenge is prioritizing and sticking to our plan instead of getting ahead of ourselves. A new member should be energetic and passionate about the work but realistic in terms of expectations."

Katrina Kraft, administrative manager, Center for Advanced Materials & Nontechnology,
’14 – ’17 term
"I am on several subcommittees, and the biggest challenge of being on ERAC is making the time to follow through on the tasks for various committees. But, it’s worth the time and commitment because it’s in the best interest of Lehigh’s staff. We bring awareness to staff of what Lehigh has to offer on their behalf, and the reward is being part of positive changes for staff."

Is it worth it?

Brenda Bachman, coordinator, OneCard & Travel, ’11 – ’14 term, ERAC secretary
"ERAC consists of great people who are wonderful to work with. We all have the common goal of uniting people through networking and learning. Our goal is to achieve a more close-knit community where people are appreciated and understood."

Glenn Strause, director, Printing & Mailing Services, ’11 – ’14 term
"I’ve enjoyed my time on ERAC and leave knowing that I was one of a group of people who revitalized and reinvented a committee that was seen as a waste of time by some and was overlooked and dismissed by others. I hope the new members have a similar fire and drive to keep the momentum going."

Robert Bruneio, manager, Transportation Services, ’13 – ’16 term, current vice chair; next year’s chair
"The past two years were rebuilding ones for our team. We got ERAC back on the map and reestablished our identity by including feedback from staff, senior leadership and various offices across campus. The committee looks forward to building on its initiatives, programs and events.  ERAC reps deeply care about our staff and take great pride in making Lehigh University one of the best places to work. We welcome anyone with creative ideas and dedication to that goal."

Do you have the drive?

As ERAC prepares for elections next month, we invite all interested Lehigh staff members to consider if your time and talents can keep us moving forward in identifying the issues that inspire you and creating the programs that support your efforts.  For ERAC, Staff Matters.

Upcoming Events

Knowledge @ Noon:
Thursday, Feb. 19, in UC 308
Ergonomics and Your Office
Humanscale, a design and innovation leader, will show you how to make your work space more comfortable, focusing on keyboard placement, monitor position, lighting and chair adjustments.

Late February  - March:  Distinguished Service Award nominations collected

March:  ERAC elections

ERAC and Zoellner Arts Center have teamed up to offer Lehigh employees discounted tickets for two March shows. These tickets can be purchased at the box office located in the Zoellner Arts Center or through campus mail by using the order form. Only $16 and no additional charges or fees. Follow this link for more information.

April 11 - Phantoms Hockey -  Half of our ticket allotment is already sold!

June 20 - Iron Pigs

For more information, email Glenn Strause, ERAC events chair.

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