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More Information on AEDs at Lehigh

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If a department within the university would like to purchase an AED for their building they should do the following:

  1. E-Mail Chief Shupp and make the request. Let him know which building and department.
  2. If Chief approves the request, provide the name of a contact person to coordinate the project.
  3. The equipment would be ordered through Lehigh’s vendor.
  4. Once the equipment arrives, Sergeant Houtz meets with the contact person to discuss the placement, and they then make arrangements with ABM to have the unit installed.
  5. When the invoice arrives, Sergeant Houtz forwards it to the contact person for payment.
  6. If the department has any maintenance issues with the unit, they can contact Sergeant Houtz.

The equipment includes the AED Unit, carrying case, Kid Key (which converts the equipment in the event that the patient is a child), and a wall cabinet. The AED model used at Lehigh also has a push-button tutorial for CPR.

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