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New Hires and Transfers

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est wishes to transferring employees and welcome aboard to the newest members of the Lehigh community.

Jonas Baltrusaitis, Chemical Engineering
Ricki Bliss, Philosophy
Thomas Bogari, Transportation Services
Paola Cereghetti Biaggio, Physics
Hugo Ceron Anaya, Sociology & Anthropology
Allison Chambers, Counseling Services
Phairot Chatanantavet, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kathryn Cording, Counseling Services
Eunice Cortez, Modern Languages & Literatures
Elise Marie Del Casale, Centennial School
Dinissa Duvanova, International Relations
Joshua Ehrig, Baker Institute
Imaani El-Burki, African American Studies
Matthew Faragasso, Zoellner Arts Center
James Femister, Computer Science & Engineering
Kevan Garvin, Centennial School
Kara Gensamer, DOS/Student Life
Kelly Geraty, Centennial School
Yinan He, International Relations
Laura Hughes, LU Art Galleries
Phillip Ingle, Zoellner Arts Center
James Jobe, Counseling Services
Michele Kashmere, CBE Dean's Office
Lauren Kowalczyk, Centennial School
Katy Kresge, Residential Services
Hartley Lachter, Religion Studies
Michael Layden, Biological Sciences
Ellen Lewis, Music
Wenxin Liu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Maxine London, Counseling Services
Nan Lu, Mathematics
Krystle McLaughlin, Biological Sciences
Masaru Mukai, Chemistry
Austin Medernach, Centennial School
Tyler Merrick, Centennial School
Kelsey Moty, Psychology
Ashley Murphy, English as a Second Language
Lucy Napper, Psychology
Nicole Nightlinger, Centennial School
Carmen Phillips, CAS/Interdisciplinary Programs
Miguel Pillado, Modern Languages & Literatures
Marina Puzakova, Marketing
Brooke Rollins    English
Christine Samuel-Maynard, Human Resources
Ryan Wise , Communications & Public Affairs
Elizabeth Shayler, DOS/Student Life
Sara Shimer, Centennial School
Alexander Shnaydruk, Small Business Development Center
Danielle Stillman, Chaplain's Office
Aleksandr Stolyar, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Martin Takac, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Kristen Vargo, Centennial School
Carrie Webster, Centennial School
Terrance Wiley, Religion Studies
Xiaoji Xu, Chemistry
Yue Yu, Mathematics
Imad Zaheer, Centennial School

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