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Wellness in the Works

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Our commitment to your wellness continues this fall with even more ways to fit taking care of yourself into your schedule. Here are some of the highlights:

Be Well: Mind Body Spirit Session Extended Through September 15!
HealthScan Plus is Back

We have great news! There has been such an amazing response to Be Well: Mind Body Spirit that we have decided to extend the first year of the program through September 15, instead of wrapping it up in August. This means that you have until September 15 to continue earning points by completing your current challenges. For those of you who have earned the wellness credit, your credit will extend through September 30. 

The new session of Be Well will kick off on October 1, 2014, with more fun challenges and rewards. As with the first year, participating in HealthScan Plus or having a similar health screening with your doctor or a qualifying lab will be a requirement to advance to level one of the program.

HealthScan Plus will take place October 6, 7, 9, 10, and 13. Follow this link to sign up for a time slot.

Remember, you need to fast (no food or beverages) for at least 10 hours prior to your blood test.

Weight Watchers at Work – Simple Start - Begins Thursday, September 25

Lehigh University provides convenient access to the renowned Weight Watchers program by hosting weekly meetings right on campus. The cost of the program is $80 for each 8-week session. You can pay by cash, check (payable to Weight Watchers), Visa, Mastercard or payroll deduction for salaried faculty and staff.

This fall’s session begins on Thursday, September 25 and runs for 8 weeks from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Bring your lunch; light refreshments will be served. To register, send an email to .  A minimum of 15 participants is required.

Here’s a bit more about the Weight Watchers Simple Start program.

What if a great start was a no-brainer?

With Simple Start you eat from a list of foods that you can find in any grocery store (power foods) We give you lots of delicious meal ideas or you can make your own. It’s so uncomplicated it’s almost unbelievable.

New Simple Start:
  • An App that makes it easy with step-by-step guides
  • Real food that fills you up fast and keeps you full longer.
  • No measuring. No math. When we say simple we mean it.

After two weeks, you’ll be ready for everything else Weight Watchers has to offer. You’ll learn how to enjoy the freedom to eat any of your favorite foods and still lose weight. Or, if you love the way Simple Start works, you can carry on with these great Power Foods. We’ll just give you more tools and ideas to keep it interesting.

Yoga by YogaMos

Yoga is back!

Classes are being offered:

Tuesdays, Noon to 1:00 p.m. beginning September 23 or
Wednesdays, Noon to 1:00 p.m. beginning September 24

Each session runs for 8 weeks
Cost: $50 for 8-week session

To register, send an email to  A minimum of 10 participants is required.
FAQ About Yoga

What is yoga, really?

In a nutshell, the word yoga translates as a yoking or a union. Basically we are looking to join the mind and body through breath and movement.

How will yoga benefit me?

 Yoga improves strength, coordination, and focus. It can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. With a continued practice additional benefits may occur, such as enlightenment, the power to spread happiness at will, levitation, and the power to shoot lasers out of your eyeballs (note: individual results may vary). 

But really, yoga will provide you with an overall sense of well-being, creating flexibility and balance for both the body and mind.

I’m not flexible enough, can I practice yoga?

Yes, you are perfect for yoga. Many people think that, because they can’t touch their toes, they can’t practice yoga. Flexibility will come with time, practice, and patience. A fellow yoga instructor made a great point: “Saying I’m not flexible enough for yoga is the same as saying I’m not clean enough to take a shower.”

What do I need for class?

Yourself, an open mind, and a yoga mat if you have one.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that offers free range of motion. Shorts, sweatpants, stretchy pants, tee-shirts are good, just nothing too baggy.

Other yoga class suggestions:

Try not to eat a large meal within 1-2 hours prior to class. Many yoga postures manipulate the digestive system and undigested food can create an uncomfortable feeling.

Arrive a few minutes early to class to get settled and focused before you begin.
Bringing some water and a hand towel is recommended.

If you have questions about any of our wellness programs, feel free to contact Mary Jo McNulty at extension 83894 or .

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