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ERAC's University Charge
The Employee Relations Advisory Committee (ERAC) is strongly committed to a proactive stance in advising the President, through the Vice President for Finance and Administration, on matters of policy and programs pertaining to employee relations. Areas of primary concern include the following: communication, problem solving mechanisms (resources), compensation (salary and benefits), working conditions, staff recognition and development.

The Year Ahead

ERAC wants to be part of Lehigh’s growth and the opportunities that presents.  We are seeking to approach our charge in a more strategic way, to refocus our efforts on improved representation of staff input.

Beginning this semester, ERAC will host a series of focus groups to learn WHAT staff members are interested in and HOW ERAC can advance those interests. Some of the conversation starters bubbling up are:

  • How can staff be connected to the space and goals of the Mountaintop campus initiative?
  • How can we collaborate with staff -oriented programing in promoting a campus climate of respect?
  • How can we strategize to create a communication vehicle to profile our staff accomplishments and champion their contributions?

If you’d like to join those sessions, please let us know.  We’ll report to the campus community what we learn—and how those conversations will shape our decisions moving forward.

e endeavors and others you will suggest will drive our direction in the coming year.  We are connecting directly with our leadership right now through what we call an ERAC “campus liaison program”. Each ERAC board member is partnering in a face to face dialogue with our VPs across campus.  We want to bridge their work and ours where there is opportunity for input and collaboration in campus-wide initiatives ranging from campus planning to community relations, campus technology to student life.

Join us by participating in focus groups or by contacting us personally. You can find contact information for ERAC and its members on our webpage.

Nominations For ERAC Now Being Accepted

ERAC is currently seeking nominations.    In order to be nominated, candidates must be at least 75 percent exempt or nonexempt staff and must have completed one full year of service at the University (Employment date must be prior to March 20, 2013).  For the 2014-15 year, three exempt and three nonexempt positions are available.

  • Nominations must be submitted by Friday, February 28, 2014
  • Anonymous nominations will not be accepted
  • Individuals may nominate themselves
  • Past ERAC members are welcome to serve again

Nominations may be submitted at the ERAC Nomination survey link located on
the home page of the ERAC website.  Voting for the nominated representatives will occur in March by an electronic ballot.  New members will be announced at the Staff Appreciation dinner in April.

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