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Volunteering In A Crisis At Lehigh

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You might not have noticed, but Lehigh’s campus operated normally at the end of October. Instead of emergency shelters, students spent Halloween at a festive open house hosted by President Gast.

Everyone certainly hopes that Lehigh has broken its string of winter weather woes, but we still need to be prepared for the worst. The crisis management team developed the employee volunteer database so that Lehigh will be ready for the next power outage or other health and safety challenge on campus.

Employees who sign up to be a part of the database could expect to be asked to offer the following kinds of assistance:

  • Hosting displaced persons in your home
  • Distributing food or supplies (on campus)
  • Disseminating Information/Staff Phone Lines (on campus)
  • Assisting with Shelter Operations on campus, which may include on-site shelters day or night, distributing food and sundries, and assisting Residence Life staff

Other Things To Know

  • Enrolling as a volunteer does not require you to volunteer when a crisis occurs.  We realize a crisis affecting Lehigh University may also affect you personally.
  • When a crisis requires volunteer assistance, a member of the Lehigh operations team will contact people in the database at the phone number or email they provide.
  • There is no specific volunteer time requirement. You are welcome to assist for as long as you are able. However, when it comes to housing displaced students, it is best if the student remains in one location.
  • Not all Lehigh employees are eligible to volunteer. Check the Frequently Asked Questions on the volunteer sign up page to determine if you are in a category of staff and faculty that is eligible.

How To Sign Up

Signing up for the volunteer database is easy. Log into the Campus Portal and select the Banner icon in the upper right corner. In the main menu, choose the Employee link. From here, choose the link labeled Volunteer to Assist During Crisis Situations. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can then complete the form.

For more information, visit the Volunteering In A Crisis webpage.

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