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Lehigh Staff Achieve Management Milestone

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Congratulations to the following Lehigh staff members who recently completed the Comprehensive Management Development Program at Northampton Community College’s Center for Business and Industry.

The Management Development Certificate Program is a comprehensive training program consisting of six different learning modules. Each module is presented in a single eight-hour day. The modules are offered at a rate of one per month over a six month period, so the pace is both convenient to your schedule and provides time to integrate the skills you learn before moving on to the next topic.

Sessions include basic management skills, effective interactions, coaching for improved performance, managing the performance of others, situational leadership, and conflict resolution strategies.

The program can be a great way for staff who are new to management positions to immerse themselves in management principles and practices in a relatively short period of time. If you’ve been in a management position for a while, you might consider this as an opportunity to refresh your skills and learn about some newer trends.

A new session of modules starts in September. Read more about the program here.

The LVAIC Leadership Option

In an effort to create a program focused on the specific management development needs of higher education, CBI now offers a section exclusively for employees of the member schools of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). This “LVAIC Option” consists of four modules instead of six. It is available to a limited number of Lehigh employees. The next session begins in September. More information about the LVAIC Option is available here.

Use the BEST Program

Funding support for Lehigh staff participation in the Management Development Program is provided through a combination of the BEST program and your department. If you are interested in enrolling, contact Mary Jo McNulty in HR at extension 83894 or email.

2012-2013 CBI Management Development Program Graduates

Brenda Bachman, Business Services
Darlene Barndt, Controller's - Payroll
Linda Bell, Registrar
Robin Bodnar, Academic Affairs/Provost's Office
Clara Buie, English as a Second Language
Kathy Butler, LTS
Lori Claudio, Human Resources
Deborah Feldman, LTS
Tammy Ferguson, Provost Office
Sharon Field, Parking Services
Cindy Hickman, Controller's Office
Terri Jones, Financial Aid
Patricia Mann, Provost Office
Nancy Merritt, Alumni Association
Jennifer Mertz, Financial Aid
Bonnie Mesler, Development/Information Services
Allison Ragon, DOS - Student Life
Chelsea Santoro, Development
Denise Stangl, LU Art Galleries

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