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Meet The Graduates (BA/BS Degrees)

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Shelley Drozd

B.A. magna cum laude, Religious Studies, Moravian College
Colleagues Make a Difference: “I got amazing backing from my department. Both chairs I’ve worked for have been very supportive.”

Call to Action: “Every class made me think about the world differently. There’s a certain discomfort in that broadened awareness. It compels you to figure out how you can best make a difference.”
Not Done Yet: “I’m starting work on a master’s in educational leadership at Lehigh in the fall.”

Gloria Jedinak

B.A., Organizational Management, Moravian College
Claim To Fame: Took her ten years to finish her degree

The Weirdest Thing: “Every time I’d learn something in class, a situation would pop up at work where I could totally apply it.”
Favorite Class: Happiness – The Holy Grail of Western Society

Why She Did It: “I don’t know where it will take me, but it was a personal satisfaction thing for me.”

Cynthia Moser

B.S., magna cum laude, Business Administration, Cedar Crest College
Phone-A-Friend: “I would call Gloria and we would support each other at crucial times, such as mid-terms and before finals.”
All In the Family: “My older daughter has an MBA. My younger daughter received her MA in Middle Eastern and North African Studies in Arizona the same day I graduated. At my commencement I had to remind myself this was MY graduation.”
Now That She Has Free Time: “I have a wedding to plan with my daughter. Also I will spend more time with my husband who was patient while I almost always had my nose in a book or was at the computer.”

Susan Szilagyi

B.S., magna cum laude, Accounting, DeSales University
Favorite Class: International Trade Law

Putting Her Knowledge To Work: My advanced and senior level accounting classes have been really helpful at my job. I gained a lot of good information on cost management.”
Tips and Advice: “You’ve got to be organized. You can’t let assignments wait until the last minute.”
Getting Started: “It can’t be any easier, really. You just fill out a piece of paper, talk to the registrar, take it to HR, you’re done. And there’s no money out of your pocket except for your books.”

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