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June Anniversaries

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Congratulations to the following Lehigh employees marking a service milestone this month. Thank you for all that you do for the university.

Five Years
Shakuntala J.Jain-Cocks
, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Erin J.Iwaskiewicz, Athletics
Lee H.Graham, Biological Sciences
Seth Goren, Chaplain's Office
Rebecca J. Bowman, Biological Sciences
Matthew A. Kitchie, DOS - Student Life
Stephen G. Lewis, LTS Client Services
Susan M. Ragusa, Zoellner Arts Center
Jennifer A. Scaia, DOS - Residence Life
Julia D. Sterrett, DOS - Student Life

Ten Years
Marisol Metcalf, Development Office
Jane Carlin, Materials Science and Engineering
Robert A. Flowers, Chemistry

Fifteen Years
Sharon M. Zurick, Laboratory Stores

Twenty Five Years
Richard W. Freeman, Risk Management
Carolyn C. Jones, Center for Manufacturing and Systems Engineering

Thirty Years
Jennifer R. Smith, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Forty Years
Cesar A. Silebi, Chemical Engineering

Fifty Years
Sharon Y. Warden, Education and Human Services

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