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As Editor of Spotlight, I naturally hope that you read the publication closely and with great interest every month. But I'm also an employee at Lehigh, just like you, and I know that it's not always easy to fit time into your day to read every article.

We're all very busy getting our work done, and sometimes it seems there's no time to focus on anything but our deadlines and obligations to our colleagues. I get that.

So, when I tell you that 2013 will be an extremely important year to carve out time to read Spotlight, I hope you'll take it to heart.

There are major benefits changes in store in 2014 for all faculty and staff. Our retirement plan is being revised and updated. And, the Affordable Care Act will impact our medical insurance plans.

While we will be using additional forms of communication to share details of the changes that will be arriving next year, Spotlight will be the go-to location for ongoing coverage of these topics.

This month, we are beginning two features aimed at keeping you in informed. Getting To Know The Affordable Care Act and Moving Ahead: Lehigh's Retirement Plan Transition will offer updates on planning progress to start. As more details become available about the medical and retirement plans, we'll share them in these two spaces.

Of course, we cover a wide range of topics in each issue of Spotlight. So, if you come for the medical and retirement updates, I hope you'll stick around and check out other features as well.

And, as always, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to email me your comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading,

Hillary Kwiatek
Editor, Spotlight

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