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New Hires and Transfers

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Best wishes to transferring employees and welcome aboard to the newest members of the Lehigh community. This list includes information from the period of November 2012 through January 2013:

New Hires

Alex Aneesh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Erica Balco, CAS Interdisciplinary Programs
Michelle Bodamer, Development Office
Kathleen Brehm, Health Center
Stefanie Burke,  DOS - Student Life
Danika Clevenstine, Bursars Office
Peter Costa, VP Student Affairs
Andrea Deimel, College of Education
Kylie Ford, Business Services
Michael Ford, Chemical Engineering
Andrea Goff, Education and Human Services
Christine Gravelle, DOS - Student Life
Jodi Imler, Structural Engineering Program
Eileen Kaplan, Energy Systems Engineering Institute
Rhonda Kauffman, LTS Library Access Services
Kathleen Klaniecki, Facilities Services
Kerry Livermore, Computer Engineering Program
Julie Manzo, College of Education
Bradley McGowan, Development Office
Julie Miwa, Biological Sciences
Andrew Nase, LTS Project Management
Candy Pena, Facilities Services
Marc Rosenberg, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Ira Rubien, Communications and Public Affairs
Candice Sierzega, Career Services
Jayme Smith, Transition and Assessment Services
Munroe Sollog, LTS Technology Management
Nicholas Strandwitz, Materials Science and Engineering
Nicole Wasson de Garcia, Development Office
Johnnie Whisner, Financial Aid
Hasan Zerze, Chemical Engineering


Kathleen Barth, Development Office
Richard Bauer,Enterprise Systems Implementation
Audree Chase-Mayoral, College Of Education
Wilfredo Colon, Facilities Services
Kathleen Folenta, Career Services
Emily Ford, CBE Undergrad Program
Emily Groff, International Affairs
Janice Johnston Howie, Martindale Center
Amy McCrae, Graduate Student Life
Richard McGarr, University Police
Laura McGarry, Development Office

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