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In Memoriam: Frank Stokes

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Frank Stokes Senior Research Engineer at the Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) Engineering Research Center for more than 23 years, passed away on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012, after a brief illness while visiting family members in Oklahoma.

Frank managed the structural testing operations of both the ATLSS Center and Fritz Lab.  He was also manager of the industrial testing program.  His colleagues note that he was a key individual at ATLSS during his entire tenure. 

For many test program sponsors, Frank was their sole contact at Lehigh University, and he served as an excellent external representative for ATLSS and Lehigh.  He consistently provided outstanding service to these sponsors as evidenced by the success of the ATLSS industrial testing program.  Frank had many friends at Lehigh, both within and outside the ATLSS Center.

ATLSS Administrative Director Chad Kusko recalls, “Frank was a tireless worker when it came to writing proposals for new projects, juggling the testing schedule of multiple projects, and writing reports to bring projects to closure.  I would often receive late night emails from Frank that included details about upcoming projects or simply updates on projects that were being tested that day.  Often times, the next day would start very early for Frank with the next project to be tested at ATLSS or Fritz Laboratory.”

Chad adds that “His work ethic, passion for his profession, and willingness to help others will be greatly missed within the doors of ATLSS and his loss will be felt within the Center for years to come.” 

Additional information can be found in the Express Times.

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