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Coffeepot Chatter: Lifelong Learning Within Reach

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It’s hard to believe the students are back. Where did the summer go?

Maria: Isn’t that the truth? I like this time of year. It makes me think about learning, learning something new.

Harry: Do it, Maria. Were you thinking job related or personal development?

Maria: I don’t know, maybe both. The personal I’d do on my own time but it’s so difficult to break away from the office for professional development.

Tom: Why don’t you do something on line? The IBH website has a lot of interesting stuff. I go on there a lot.

Harry: Excellent idea, Tom. Let’s look. Under Working there’s Accomplished Employee, Career Development, Training and Development and more. They have assessment tools, skill builders and online seminars. Here’s one on Social Networking.

Maria: I like this. May I block off time on my calendar to do this?

Harry: Let’s do this. Look at what’s out there. Select two or three seminars, skill builders or assessment tools, and at our next one-to-one meeting we’ll discuss the best times to put them on your calendar.

Tom: I’d like to do the Skill Builder: Business Etiquette and Professionalism.

Harry: Anytime you want, Tom, anytime.

Professional Development At The Click Of A Mouse

In Human Resources, we’re all about people. We like meeting with faculty and staff, talking to them on the phone, and seeing them at our regular Workplace Learning, Retirement Planning, and Wellness programs.

Workplace Learning programs reach about one third of our employees each year. But, we know that not every employee who wants to can get away from his or her desk when our programs are held. That’s why the professional development opportunities on the Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) website are so helpful.

Tom, Harry, and Maria have found the resources in the Working section of the IBH Work/Life website. These materials are available to all employees of Lehigh because IBH is our Employee Assistance Provider.

Accessing the webinars, skill builders, articles and other resources on IBH’s website is simple:

    • username: Lehigh
    • password: univ03
  • Explore!

Remember, IBH resources are for all benefits eligible employees – both faculty and staff. For staff, in addition to gaining knowledge, you can also take credit for your learning by entering it into your GPS form in the Workplace Learning section. Be certain to make a note of the date, type of learning, and subject, so that you can document your effort for your performance appraisal.

Additional Learning Opportunities On Campus

If you are in a mood to learn new things this fall like Maria, but want to step out of your office, there are a lot of ways to satisfy that itch as well. Human Resources offers several major programs, including Career Power Lunch, Supervisor’s Crash Course, and Career Coaching for Managers. You can register for those seminars here.

Library and Technology Services (LTS) has just posted its fall workshop schedule. Topics include Google Docs, Google Sites, Microsoft Excel, Intro to Final Cut Pro X, and Basic Access. Register for those programs on the LTS website.

Finally, keep a watch for the Workplace Learning and Performance e-newsletter that Linda Parks sends out. It’s another great way to find out about the full range of professional development opportunities at Lehigh and beyond.

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