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Career Power Lunch Launches New Season

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Take A Bite Out Of Your Career

Munching on one of Lehigh’s tasty baked goods is a delight any day, but Silagh White, Director of Arts Engagement and Cultural Affairs, assured Spotlight that it was not the main reason that she attended HR’s Career Power Lunch last year.

“The free lunch never hurts,” Silagh said. “But I really appreciate the effort Lehigh’s Human Resources takes to provide professional development during the work day.”

Silagh says the quality of the programs is high, and the value goes beyond what you learn. “There's also an internal networking opportunity. Folks have a chance to work outside their office bubble, and learn from colleagues across the university,” she noted. “I find knowing more people at Lehigh brings a wider sense of community and humanity to campus.”

This fall’s sessions are now set:

September 13
    Career Values: Self Assessment
October 11
         Perspective: How Others See You At Work
November 8
       Career Possibilities
December 6   
   Developing a Plan

Are you ready to reach beyond the four walls of your office and think about developing your career at Lehigh? Consider registering for one, several, or all of the monthly programs. Just visit the HR Training Registration page to get started. 

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