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REVEALED: Your Top Five OneCard Questions

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Now that faculty and staff have been using the new OneCard expense reimbursement system for a while, we asked Brenda Bachman from Business Services to answer the five most common questions her office receives about it. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Q:  What should I do if I'm traveling on an extended trip and won't be in the office to submit my receipts at the end of the statement cycle?

AWhile all cardholders are encouraged to anticipate this situation and make alternative arrangements to the extent it is possible, there will be rare situations in which a delay in submitting receipts is inevitable. Please refer to the “Extended Travel” section of the OneCard manual for a listing of alternatives, including a process to submit receipts after you return from your trip.

What do I do if I'm missing a receipt?

A:  If the expense is under $25, a receipt is not required under the Travel and Business Expense policy. If a receipt is required, in some situations (such as hotel receipts) you will be able to obtain a copy of the receipt from the merchant. If you cannot obtain a copy of the receipt, please submit a statement, signed by your supervisor, documenting the expense (see the “Lost Receipts” section of the Travel and Business Expense Policy).

Q:  How does my statement get to my approver?

A:  After entering business purposes and reallocating expenses if appropriate, clicking the Statement Reviewed button sends your statement to your approver.

Q:  If I have both credit charges and out of pocket expenses in the same month, do I need to print the coversheet twice? 

A:  The coversheet needs to be printed just once. Scan and email or fax the coversheet and receipts to Wells Fargo. Fax your receipts with the coversheet to 866-253-8503, or email them to .

Q:  When can coversheets be printed?

A:  The coversheets are unique to each statement. The current period must end prior to printing the coversheet. Cycles end on the first of every month. Coversheets can be printed for that particular month beginning the second of the month.

Bonus Question for Sponsored Research Grant Recipients

Q:  When should I use my research card/out-of-pocket account?

A:  If you are the recipient of a Sponsored Research Grant from one or numerous external funding organizations, it is necessary that you obtain a research card or out-of-pocket account. The primary (and secondary) approvers for Sponsored Research cards/accounts will be a staff member in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.   

Only expenses associated with your grant(s) should be charged to this card/account. You will notice that your Incentive Fund is the default for your research card/account. This is done because many users have multiple research grants and are also frequently obtaining new grants or finishing up others so it would be difficult to choose a grant for the default.  

You must always reclassify your expenses from your Incentive Fund to one of your Sponsored Research Grant indexes which are in the range from index number 529000 to 599999 and 603500 to 603999. If you wish to charge expenses to your Incentive Fund, please use your department card to do so.

For More Information

For more questions and answers regarding the OneCard, out of pocket expenses, and the processes, please refer to the Purchasing or Controller’s Office websites.

For specific questions not covered in this article or on the Purchasing or Controller’s Office websites, please contact Brenda Bachman (83266 or, Leslie Snow (83139 or or Susan Szilagyi (83141 or

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