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HR by The Numbers: Exit Interviews

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Whenever a classified staff member leaves Lehigh, or a current employee moves to another position within the university, Human Resources invites the employee to complete an exit interview. The objective is to gather information that can improve Lehigh’s work environment.  Below is some of the data that we've gleaned in the past several fiscal years (July 1- June 30).

Suggestions For Improving Lehigh

We ask departing employees what they believe would help improve the work environment at Lehigh. Below are the top three answers from FY12. The figure in parenthesis indicates how often each item was suggested by interviewees:

  • Foster a more open and inclusive culture, more integration with community. (5)
  • More management training seminars (3)
  • Work to connect faculty and staff more. (2)

Remember, you don't have to wait until you are leaving Lehigh to share your thoughts about the work environment. Feel free to contact the appropriate HR professional at any time.

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