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Coffeepot Chatter: Props For Parents

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Harry arrives at work early and is surprised to find Tom already at his desk.

Harry: Good morning, Tom. You’re in early.

Tom: Hmm, I didn’t sleep well and wanted to look up some information on the computer. That’s ok, right?

Harry: Sure. You’re on your own time. Birthday shopping?

Tom: I wish. My daughter was on Skype last night. Normally I hear young girls talking and laughing, but last night I thought I heard a man’s voice. When I entered her room, the person on the computer went away. She’s not even twelve.

Harry: Did you talk with her about it?

Tom: I tried. She said he’s a friend of a friend, not much more. I turned off the internet connection for the house and don’t plan to turn it on again till I know how to handle this.

I see you’re on the IBH website. You know an IBH representative will be here at the end of the month to talk about parenting resources.

Tom: Yeah, I saw the survey. May I attend?

Harry: Certainly.

Parenting: An Adventure That Lasts A Lifetime

Whether your child is 2 or 20, you never really stop being a parent. And, as Tom knows, sometimes worries at home can find their way into our work day.

That’s why Lehigh’s Employee Assistance Plan provider, Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), offers a range of parenting resources on their EAP/Work Life website. The site, which is accessible to university employees with a login and password, features an entire parenting “channel” on the homepage.

Topic headings on the site include Adoption, Childcare, Developmental Stages, Education, and Well-being. Resources include articles, audio programs, online seminars, skill builders, and more.

Are you concerned about bullying? The flu? Video games? IBH’s online materials can help allay your fears or point you in the direction of help. There are sections on children with special needs, information for grandparents, and much more.

Tom might want to visit the section on Media and Internet Awareness. And it’s not too soon for him to take a look at the materials in the area of the site devoted to teenagers and young adults.

If you are a parent, grandparent, or a caregiver for the children in your life, the IBH EAP/Work Life website is a great starting point for almost every topic. To access the resources on the site, select the Work-Life Resources link at the bottom of the page and use the following information:

Login:         Lehigh
Password:    univ03

IBH Expert Coming to Lehigh

We heard from employees that you were also looking to speak with a parenting expert in person. That’s why we invited IBH’s Eric Gustafson, Psy.D., to join us on campus this month:

IBH Presents: Parenting
Wednesday, March 28
9:00 to 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Last month, we launched a brief survey asking you what your main concerns were regarding the children in your lives. What we learned will be incorporated into Eric’s presentations. Register for one of the sessions at the HR Training Registration page today.

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